Radon Awareness Guide

The EPA has put together an informative radon awareness guide and to make it more assessable All Clear Radon has embedded the EPA’s citizen’s guide to radon below.  View the PDF right here on our website or download it for future reference.  Please be sure to send the link to this page to any of your loved ones with concerns about radon.

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We Test For Radon and Offer Radon Mitigation!

Do you have concerns about radon?  We are here to help!

We are licensed radon professionals serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our Radon Mitigation Contractor License is #RC331 and our Radon Mitigation Specialist License is #RS536.

Working with us is easy.

The 1st step is to test for radon to get an accurate reading on current radon levels in your basement.  If the levels are within acceptable limits, no further action is needed.  If radon levels are high, mitigation is necessary.

If radon mitigation is required, we can answer any questions you have and schedule your radon mitigation quickly.  Our radon techs take great care to install the radon mitigation system as neat and inconspicuous as possible.  Most systems are completely installed in just 1 day.

After we install a radon mitigation system, we contract a 3rd party radon testing service to test for radon.  We do this for transparency and to ensure the radon levels in your basement have been reduced to acceptable and safe levels.

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Please feel free to contact us to ask questions or schedule your radon test or radon mitigation service.

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